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INSIDE OUT'S ANGER (DBZ FLAIR)+VIDEO :iconidroidmonkey:IDROIDMONKEY 18 7 DISGUST !!! :iconmkuchima:Mkuchima 310 14 Disgust :iconfabriking:fabriking 19 5
The voice buzzed in her head as the young girl struggled to open her eyes. She was in a lot of pain, but she wasn't sure why. Her mind was in a blur and her movements were slow, as she tried to remember where she was and what was happening.
"Hey, are you okay?" the voice asked again.
The girl finally managed to open her eyes ever so slightly. Her surroundings were dark and hazy, as if there was a lot of smoke in the air for some reason. In her pained state, she was barely able to make out the image of two figures leaning over her. One appeared to be a teenage human boy, and the other was a massive and quite terrifying robot. If she wasn't so weak, she would have gulped in fear.
"Can you hear me?" The boy asked her. "Are you okay?"
This time, she finally answered. "Y...yes...?"
"Don't worry," the boy responded, sounding more relieved than before. "We're here to help you." He turned to his robot standing next to him. "Baymax, take care of her," he commanded. "I'm going to go fi
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Ello, Insiders!

I am SOOOOO sorry it's been so long since I've been on here. Life has been really hectic since the end of February.
Well, there's usually school and art block to blame, and thankfully things are slowing down with that. But something else has been going on.
My grandma suffers from chronic pain and was having really bad side effects from some prescribed pain medication, so she had to be gradually withdrawn from it. While she was staying with me and my family, she ended up suffering what most believe to be a stroke. Long story short, she's been officially off that medication, was stuck in the hospital for a month and in a rehab/care facility for two weeks. She finally got to come home in mid-late April.
She and my grandpa live about three hours from where I live, so they're staying with my family until they can go home. She's been making progress, thank goodness. Since the stroke, she's gone from being almost a vegetable a half-way functioning human being. But she still needs help with everyday needs and also has in-home help from nurses and therapists. It's been a wild ride for everyone, but we've come a long way and still have some ways to go.
Sorry for any inconvenience upon my absence and thank you for understanding.

yon Founder
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